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Car Wrap Solutions

We started as a sign shop and since 1997 Car Wrap Solutions has turned into South Florida's best commercial car wrap and truck/van lettering specialist. Serving Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Boca Raton, Miami & West Palm Beach Florida. We have been working hand and hand with local small businesses and fleets who want to work with the knowledge and experience that is only learned solely by installing car wraps and lettering on a daily bases for years. Our experience is backed up by 3M, Avery and PDAA with sign and car wrap installer certifications.

What We Do!

Looking for the right sign shop business that specializes in commercial vehicles when it car wraps and truck lettering when looking near me? Well, we started as a sign shop, and since 1997, Car Wrap Solutions has turned into one of South Florida's best commercial car wrap and truck/van lettering specialist. Our business specializes in working with local and out of state small businesses and euntrepreneurs and their single units or fleets. Our customers simply want to work with the best there is, at a reasonable price. At Car Wrap Solutions we know how important it is to get the correct branding message in the general public while utilizing your existing vehicle as an existing work tool to make that happen. Our company has literally established business relationships with 1000s of South Florida customers over the years and between our local and out of state business customers has landed the company over 11,000+ projects as of last year.

How This Happened!

Very simple. By trying to be the best at what we do when it comes to knowing our customers needs and trying to be the best at our trade in the commercial side of the fleet and car wrap related industrys and providing a professional installation service for retail businesses and locations that work with marketing and advertising businesses. Our experience with graphic design, experienced installations and knowing how to use the proper vinyls that the wrap is printed on is built on pure, solid experience in just doing car wraps, working 5-6 days a week, working 8-12 hours a day, spread over a select amount of graphic designers and professional installers for 20 years now as of 2017. You do the math on that number and that actual is what you will get from us!

How much experience do we have. Most of customers are from word of mouth and from those customers that have seen our extensive online portfolio of work. How did this happen. 10-12 hour days, 4-5 weeks a month, 50 plus weeks a year, for 21 years now. That's experience.

We are certified to back up our experience and to put a badge of responsiblity in our installation work for our customers. Our Installer Certifications:

  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer
  • Fellers Certified Wrap & Graphic Installer
  • Lowen Certified Fleet Installation
  • PDAA Master Certified Sign, Graphic & Wrap Installation
  • Avery Dennison – CWI Certified Installer
Are you looking for certain criteria when working with a new company that can help market your business?

Your small business or fleet needs a car wrap or graphics and lettering package?

Do you need a wall wrap or retail signage related graphics services or certified retail sign service installations?

You need retail installation services?

You would like to work with an experienced car wrap company that has vetted graphic designers and experienced installers?

Tired of not simply getting a response?

Want to work with a business that is constantly learning and striving to give the customer the best there is?

Then Car Wrap Solutions could be the company you want to work with. We are local and we know our stuff. All we ask is that you give us that chance to make it happen and you can expect what all these local customers have received from us over the past 21 years.

We can help you market and advertise your small business, products or services using our experience to make that happen. Our in-house graphic design specialist work on the commercial side of the business and have extensive knowledge working specifically with vehicles and putting together a car wrap design that works for your business or product. We have worked with many vinyl manufacturers including 3M and Avery and are constantly testing vinyl material and installation techniques.

We are here for the customer with every aspect of the graphic design service from templating to full blown layouts with revisions and those challenging design concepts. We have worked with multiple business that reside in the various service industry's to various local retail store front locations.

We work daily with certain vinyls and know specific wrap vinyls and the relevant installation techniques.

Everything we do is backed up by multiple warranties to cover your car wrap / truck lettering install and we have been around longer than those warranties.

De-indentification & Removal Vinyl Wrap & Lettering Services

Best of all, we are here for our customers through the whole process and after, building business relationship after another. The massive amount of car wrap installations and the strong customers base Car Wrap Solutions has is something that did not happen by accident.

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